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“The RTP program is committed to continue helping patients throughout Covid-19. As such, we are conducting all services on an online basis to keep our community safe during the pandemic.”

RTP Peer Mentorship

Trained Peer Mentors collaborate with healthcare providers to identify specific patient needs, and plan RTP support/workshops that are likely to promote stability and long-term recovery.

In order to receive support from the Recovery Transition Program (RTP), patients need to be referred by their primary therapist (psychiatrist, nurse, O.T. or other clinical staff). The RTP has a mandate to offer individually tailored support, lasting about three months. The duration and frequency of involvement are determined during the initial patient needs assessment interview with a Peer Mentor.

Role of the RTP Peer Mentor

  • Model and assist in developing effective coping, interpersonal, and life skills.
  • Assist peers in exploring community and personal resources which would be beneficial to their specific needs.
  • Help break down stigma and isolation of mental illness and addiction that can impede recovery and increase chances of relapse.
  • See themselves as a vital part of mental health services, being careful to stay within their own mandate and enhance the mandate of other service providers.

How does a Patient Connect with a Peer Mentor?


The patient fills out the REFERRAL FORM and returns it to the RTP coordinator’s email at

A Peer Mentor contacts the patient by telephone or e-mail to set up a needs assessment interview.

At the first meeting, the Peer Mentor and the Mentee fill out a PEER NEEDS ASSESSMENT FORM together (it will pinpoint interests, objectives, goals). They also decide when and how often to meet (weekly/bi-weekly).

Next, they fill out two copies of the CONSENT FOR PEER MENTORING FORM (this explains scheduling and communication policy, confidentiality, emergency plans, etc.). One copy is kept by the Peer Mentor in a file; the other belongs to the Mentee.

The Peer Mentor contacts the referring clinician to confirm that the Mentor/Mentee relationship has begun. The Peer Mentor also informs the clinician when the relationship is nearing an end.


RTP Referral Form

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