How to Start an RTP

The Recovery Transition Program, an initiative of the MUHC, was born out of the vision of practitioners and patients. The RTP is a peer-based initiative that encourages its members to train in recovery principles and act as mentors to their peers during an important part of their journey.

We are involved in things as diverse as one-on-one discussions, workshops, creative pursuits, fundraising, public awareness events and much more. Ours is an enriching program in which all members are deeply involved. We believe that recovery-oriented practices improve quality of life and offer hope for the future. Practitioners and Mentors alike know that the RTP experience can be unique and transformative. It fosters personal growth, compassion and shared responsibilities. It allows for conversations to take place that help remove feelings of isolation and stigma. It’s a way to cope with the immense changes that come with any chronic illness. Practitioners find our program ground-breaking and inspirational, appreciating the “We’ve been where you’re at and maybe we can help” perspective that we offer.

If you are interested in having the RTP speak more about how the program works and how you can start your own similar program, please contact us by email at